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February 11, 2016

Ok, I was chastised this week by someone who suggested I am smiling in this picture because I have a blog....but I don't blog. There may be some truth to that but the greater truth is that I didn't know how to get in to enter a blog. I FINALLY figured it out. I don't know how often this will happen but I can at least now say, "I have blogged!"

I have been sitting here listening to a conversation between two girls and a guy. One girl shared how she didn't know how much she drank over the Mardi Gras Weekend. The guy was happy to tell her how much it was. She stated, "I had way to much to drink" and the other two readily agreed. She also discussed her need to lay down for long periods of time during this moment of tremendous "fun." They said they helped her stay down instead of moving about. It was clear they had watched her consume copious amounts of the "spirits." 

What is always interesting to me in conversations like this is the response to the happening. It felt like everything was stated with no emotion connected. It is what it harm, no foul. It was so disheartening to hear what was happening. Two of them were laughing at her expense and finding joy in how she made a fool of the presence of many others. It hurts my heart! We have fallen so far from the essence of who we are and who others are around us. We don't recognize or acknowledge we are created in beauty in the image of the Creator God - Lord God. We find joy when others degrade that image. What is worse, we don't love them enough to step in and stop it. How disturbing!

Secondly, she appeared to be so emotionally distant from the situation. She was aware of what happened and there was no sense of shame, remorse, revulsion or repentance. She has become so dulled and jaded. I don't know where she is in relation to the God who created His image but on a very elementary level, there should be a tweak in her conscience but there seemed to be none that was evident in the conversation.

As we move into Lent, I pray we will be VERY aware of the image of God in us and that we will recognize our need to repent when we have degraded that image by our actions. I pray we will distant ourselves from the things of the world and draw closer to the One who created us in love. I also pray we will step into the lives of one another and love each other enough when we see them participating in actions which wreck the image of God in them.

I pray our conscience will be cleansed by the work of the Holy Spirit so we will be aware when God's image is being degraded and that we will respond with grace and truth for the sake of ourselves and others.


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